Artist Statement

Making art and creating was from an early age the primary way of expressing
my sentiments and experiences.

The continual theme of 'Voids,' physical and emotional, runs through my work
over the years. My choice of materials has a unconscious continuity - plaster,
wire, graphite powder and pva; I incorporate found objects challenging my comfort
zone. I Create with intention while allowing for inspired and spontaneous rare
moments of otherness.

My father, who taught me to weld as a child, shared stories of my grandfather's
work in the silver mines of Zacatecas, Mexico; fuelling my passion for working with
metal. Today I work primarily with pure iron and 22ct. gold, with interest in the
disparity between their values; one has a connection with opulence, the other with
industry. Each piece is hand forged and incorporates traditional and experimental
techniques. My work process is intuitive exploring sculptural forms to create
wearable ornaments.


Solo exhibitions
Dimming Light, sponsored by Dee Van Dyke and Jerry Zivan, Atlanta Georgia 1980
Cruxifixction, St.Ethelredas, ElyPlace, London 1985
Blobs,Unit 7, Camberwell,London 1987

Group shows
Adams Gallery London 1986,1987
Acer Pseudoplatanus, Installation, curated by Gloria Carlos, featured artist- Michael Petry,
Phyllida Barlow, Sharon Kivland, John Coleman, Matthew Frith, Debbie Duffin,
Gloria Carlos,Sydenham Hill Woods 1993
All That Glitters,Scream Gallery, London 2006
Clerkenwell Green Winter Open, London, 2008
A Private View, curated Gloria Carlos, featured artist, Paul Ashurst, Gloria Carlos,
Conny Prantera, Clare Price,Tim Harris, 16 St.Georges Residences, London 2015

Featured work and publications

Original rings and necklace worn by Cher, in the movie Mamma Mia 2 Here We Go Again
Original ring and bracelet featured on the HBO series Game of Thrones, worn by the
character Daenery Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke
Decorative skull featured on the television series Da Vinci Demons

Acer pseudoplatanus : Sydenham Hill Wood, catalogue intro: Gloria Carlos, Essay:
Michael Petry, '1993
'Makers Magic' How to Develop Your Voice in Designing Art Jewellery by Connie Fox, '2014'


Holts Academy of Jewellery: 'Special Award for Innovation' 2009